Why hire a professional Real Estate photographer?

There’s an old adage - “a picture is worth a thousand words” and nothing could be more true when it comes to selling real estate but here’s a few to consider.....

Selling anything is all about finding a way to stand out from the competition. In today’s real estate market home sellers and their agents face stiff competition from hundreds of other homes for sale in the same location and price range. The last thing a home seller wants to do is to have to lower their price to stand out from the competition.

Stunning photography is an effective way to stand out from the crowd at any given price point. Think for a minute what the few qualified buyers out there are doing. Today most potential buyers start by searching online for a home. What they end up seeing is a list of homes with an external photo. If that photo doesn’t create a good impression the buyer will likely keep looking.

Capture their attention now or lose it forever. A stunning photo of your listing will help create interest in the property and get the potential buyer to look further. Consider the two examples above. Which one would you (and your seller) rather have on MLS? Photos taken by a non-professional with an iPhone or Point-and-Shoot camera just won’t cut it.

Differentiate yourself from other agents. According to The Wall Street Journal only 15% of residential real estate  listings use a professional photographer, yet those that do sell in less time and for higher prices than those that don’t. Savvy sellers realize this and want to list with an agent that uses professional photography as part of their marketing strategy.

Why hire me to photograph your home or listing?

  1. I do great work. Visit my Gallery to see for yourself.

  2. I’m fast and responsive. Time is money. Listings get old quickly - you need to hit the web running with the best images possible. I provide 24 hour turnaround.

  3. Let me take the photos while you spend your time selling the property. Most Agents have little or no experience at photography and are too busy to take the time to do what it takes for professional results.

  4. I have the tools and the experience. I have the professional grade equipment and software and the knowledge of how to use them that’s required to produce high quality images.

  5. The price is right. Visit my Fees & Services page for the details.

Same scene shot by a professional photographer

Typical Real Estate Photo - shot with Point & Shoot or cell phone camera

Don Miller is an Park City, Utah based professional photographer specializing in Real Estate and Architectural  photography.

He can be reached at: don@donmillerfoto.com or 813-260-0061

Which would you rather use for your listing?