here’s what I charge and what you get


MLS Enhanced - 25 Still images  - Digital versions in both Web resolution and high resolution for print applications. Delivered electronically via the Web or email and on one CD.

MLS Basic - 12 still images - Digital versions in both web resolutions and high resolution for print applications. Delivered electronically via the web or email and on one CD.

All images are shot with professional-grade Digital SLR cameras (Nikon) and processed using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. High-quality wide angle zoom lenses are used to capture the best features of the property in high resolution images.  Each image is then color corrected, exposure balanced, sharpened and perspective corrected to create a stunning result that will make your property “pop”.

Digital Image Packages and Other Services

Additional Stills - Additional still images for either the MLS Basic or the MLS Enhanced packages.

Twilight Pack - 2 Still images taken at twilight.

Virtual Tours - still images hosted on a dedicated web page  (go here for more details)

Image Capture and Post Processing

Estate Surcharge - For homes with 5 or more bedrooms or in excess of 5,000 square feet. (Homes in excess of 10,00 Sq Ft require a custom quote.)

Interactive Floor Plans - Inclusion of an agent provided floor plans in the Virtual Tour. Includes interactive navigation “hot spots”.

YouTube Videos - YouTube compatible videos of a Virtual Tour(s).

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Video Intro/Outro Segments - Digital video segments featuring an agent welcoming viewers to the Virtual Tour and thanking them for viewing the tour at the end.


Prices Effective 6/1/2013

Package/ Service


Homes less than 2500 sq ft = $120

Homes over 2500 sq. ft = $180

Homes less than 2500 sq ft = $200

Homes over 2500 sq. ft = $250

$10 per image

$65 (when ordered with either the MLS or MLS Plus Pack)




$25 each

$30 per segment

STOCK IMAGEShttp://parkcitystockimages.photoshelter.comhttp://parkcitystockimages.photoshelter.comshapeimage_11_link_0